Build Family Connection Through This Family Craft Project

Build Family Connection Through This Family Craft Project

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When’s the final time you sitting lower like a family and also got your fingers sticky together?!

In case your family would go to a normal religious service, you have lots of ceremony and ritual included in your existence. These practices not just connect your kids to some greater power, they create them feel more linked to you. While you sit in physical closeness centered on a typical uniting experience, your powers and the body rhythms fall into line and match.

Possess a Deliberate Arrange for Connection

Families with no exterior structure of uniting need to be more purposeful about producing these encounters which will nourish your kid’s feeling of being woven into an element of the bigger whole that’s your family.

Obviously, playing a game title or cooking meals together like a family are excellent methods to bond, however, many children need some thing concrete or visual. This is exactly why I really like the thought of putting a while aside like a family to perform a project that is representative of the family.

Here’s a concept you could try: Family Placemats

Purpose: To produce a visual depiction of family recollections and values to possess each family member lead equally to promote an optimistic look at both individual people as well as the family in general.


1. Print or draw multiple images of each family member (pets incorporated!).

2. Create multiple sentence stems and also have each family member fill them out:

Ex: Things I love about our family is _________________________.

We’re the type of family that __________________________.

My personal favorite family memory happens when ___________________.

Our family is special because we ________________________.

3. Brainstorm other symbols or images that represent your family. Possibly you’ll print pictures or maps of where your family originates from or what you want to do together.

4. Use markers to create the positive characteristics from the family people in large print. Exist individuals your family who’re thoughtful? Funny? Disciplined? Creative? Diligent? Good problem solvers? Write individuals things lower. Don’t attach names for them. Within this situation, we’re de-emphasizing the traits of the baby and rather displaying do you know the strengths this family team has together.

5. One you’ve got a wealthy pile of materials, give each family member a placemat size bit of construction paper. Have each individual take one item in the pile and glue it to the placemat. Now hands each table pad clockwise to another person. Again, each individual will choose something in the pile to connect towards the placemat. Once done, rotate again. Do this again process until each placemat is full and/or even the pile of materials has been utilized up.

6. When the glue has completely dried, cover the placemats with obvious contact paper or bring them for your local copy shop and also have them laminated.


It will not only project allow you to concentrate on why is you unique like a family, but it’ll be an oasis of your time when you’re creating goodwill among you. Much more importantly, by working as a whole-robin style, nobody person feels possession over the style of anyone placemat. Each pad will reflect the developmental stages of the children and will also be a combination of pretty much sophisticated efforts based on their ages and personalities. (No perfectionism permitted here!) As you have had a hands in creating each one of these, with regards to with them, family people is going to be happy to get whichever one they occur to get.

Think this concept is simply too corny concerning your older kids? Reconsider! Have excuse if you want to. Possibly your children is entering senior high school-or perhaps getting away to visit college or obtain a job. Inform your kids you need to mark this passage and have the means to daily recall the best a part of as being a family, even while kids develop and outward. Teens may not admit to enjoying this type of family project, but they’ll secretly treasure it and bear together that warm fuzzy sense of family love and connection.

One further rule! Ban electronics in the table while carrying this out project. The thing is to get together like a family–to not each be checking Snapchat or Facebook. Your kids might grumble, however in the finish they’ll be glad they’ve tried it.

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