How to Make the Best Choices When Buying Meat

How to Make the Best Choices When Buying Meat

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Meat is undoubtedly the best source of much-needed protein, vitamin B12, iron and other minerals. However, most of the meat sold in markets and grocery stores today have much more than these substances.

They are usually packed with fat and cholesterol, and some of them even have preservatives for a longer shelf life. This makes it quite hard to find the healthiest cut of meat that can provide the best nutrition for your family.

One rule of thumb in buying meat products at fresh meat delivery singapore is that less processing means more nutrients. On the contrary, more processing means not only less nutrients, but also more preservatives which causes more harm than good to you and your family’s overall health. Unfortunately, fresh options have been decreasing lately, due to the rise in production of processed and preserved meats.

The biggest problem with these processed and frozen meat products is that they are usually packed with more sodium than is healthy for your body. For very busy people, it is necessary to purchase these meat products which they can use to quickly prepare a meal when pressed for time. This is fine for emergency purposes but using these meats on a regular basis can be very detrimental to your health.

As much as possible, buy fresh meats and seafood instead of the frozen products. Not only are these unprocessed foods much more nutritious, but they are also tastier and more delicious than the preserved variety.

The one concern that many people have about buying fresh meat is that they are not sure of how sanitary these meat products are. These are fresh products which means they haven’t been through any kind of testing or quality control except through the butchers themselves.

It is therefore quite impossible to say whether a particular piece of meat is safe or whether it has been infected by certain food-borne diseases. The consolation that consumers have is that in case the meat has been contaminated, the bacteria that carry the infection can easily be destroyed once the meat is cooked at very high temperatures.

In order to prevent any kind of food contamination from spreading in your kitchen, make sure to take all the possible safety precautions such as using separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables.

You should also keep clean dinnerware away from the meat preparation area in case the meat has indeed been infected in the market. These simple food safety practices are usually enough to safeguard your family from the dangers of food contamination.

Try to eliminate as much fat as possible when buying meat products. For beef and pork, specifically ask your butcher for the lean cuts. When it comes to fish and other seafood, most of them are naturally low in fat content, although there are some exceptions like salmon.

As for chicken, the best and most nutritious part is the breast. Not only is it packed with protein, but chicken breast is also very easy to prepare, especially if you buy the boneless products. You can even save a few bucks by buying these poultry products in bulk because it’s perfectly fine to keep them in your freezer until your need for them arises.

Another healthy meat product is turkey. This is usually available in ground form, which many people use as a healthier substitute to ground beef. However, you have to pay close attention to the labels carefully because some of these ground turkey products include the cholesterol-packed skin and fats together with the healthy meat.

This is the case with most lower-priced brands. The better quality ground turkey products usually come with a higher price tag, but since turkey is such a versatile meat product, the added cost is definitely worth it.

Beef and pork are generally considered to be the worst kinds of meat when it comes to nutrition. However, if the fatty portions are eliminated, these meats are not so bad. In fact, they are a great source of protein, vitamin B and several useful minerals.

If you really can’t stand the thought of putting all the fats and calories of pork and beef into your body, you can look into healthier and leaner meat options such as venison and buffalo. The drawback to these products is that they are very regional and are quite expensive if not butchered locally.

You may choose to buy from one of the fresh meat delivery singapore , who will offer delivery to your front door, often the day following order placing. But if so, look for a company that supplies FRESH meats, so that you know you have the best start o a fantastic meal. Enjoy and stay healthy!

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