Medical Aesthetic Physician Vs Your Local Spa – Which Is Best for Aesthetic Procedures?

Medical Aesthetic Physician Vs Your Local Spa – Which Is Best for Aesthetic Procedures?

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You know that you want to have a procedure or two performed on your face to get rid of the lines and keep the sagging at bay, but how do you decide where to go for these services? They are advertised all over the Internet today and there are probably more than ten providers in your local area. There are also more minimally invasive procedures available than most people even know about, so getting educated on the options is something to worry about as well.

You have two basic options when it comes to minimally invasive procedures:

  1. Go to a local medical aesthetic doctor with an actual medical degree and lots of experience performing a wide variety of aesthetic procedures.
    2. Find out about a local spa or other business that offers a limited selection of aesthetic procedures along with other services.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options, so consider them closely before making your decision.

Aesthetic Physician

A medical aesthetic physician is not the same as a plastic surgeon. Most do not perform actual surgeries that require extensive recovery times and high risk for mistakes. Yet, they are real medical professionals with extensive training in cosmetic surgery. They have a lot of knowledge about different facial conditions and problems, and they also know which aesthetic procedures work best for which conditions and problems.

The best physicians do not give procedures at parties and they do not have a new office or city every month. They are respectable members of the community with proven backgrounds in keeping their patients youthful and beautiful.

The advantages to going with a physician include:

  • Reduced risk for botched procedures, since they have so much knowledge and hands-on experience.
    • Wider selection of available procedures, due to the more extensive expertise of the physician.
    • The best possible results, due to expert technique and experienced decision making.

The disadvantages to going with a physical include:

  • Expenses may be higher.
    • Potential delays getting booked for initial consultations.

Spa Services

You are never guaranteed the skill and knowledge level of the service providers working in a spa or local salon. Some may have some experience, while others are just starting out and may have been trained in the back room by the boss hours before you walked in. If you decide to go with these services, always question the training of the person about to work on your face. Ask for an experienced, well trained professional or go elsewhere.

The advantages to going with a spa service provider include:

  • You may be able to walk in and have procedures performed whenever it is convenient.
    • The prices should be at least a little lower than what you would pay a highly trained aesthetic physician.
    • You can go in with a group of friends to make the procedures more enjoyable, or you may be able to have events hosted where everyone gets injections or some other type of facial treatment.

The disadvantages of going with a spa service provider include:

  • Most of these providers do not have the knowledge and training that a physician would have.
    • Your risks of a botched procedure are higher than they would be with a better trained physician.
    • The provider may not be able to answer all your questions and make the best decisions for your face.


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