The Next Big Thing In Car Park Management

The Next Big Thing In Car Park Management

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How quickly the future gets here is less about the tech involved than about people. If it feels like new technologies go from flights of fancy to billion-dollar businesses faster than ever, that’s because they do. When it comes to the game-changing technology of car park systems development of the past few decades, several things come to mind. The rise of parking meters changed the way we pay at parking lots. The development of sensor detectors to inform you about vacant parking spaces, or how much time left for the current occupant. Then came the spread of mobile apps efficiently aiding e-Booking and cashless payment. All of these begs the question: What’s next? What new technological innovations will have as big of an impact as those did?


From solar canopies and automated parking garages to driverless tech and making parking greener and more efficient improves nearly every aspect of city living. Clearly, we’re overdue for some parking innovations.


Luckily, our season parking operator are rising to the challenge. Thanks to a number of new technologies that are just starting to get off the ground.


Automated Valet Parking – Not only do urban parking garages take up valuable real estate, but their inefficient designs waste further space. That’s where the robots come in. In this invention known as Automated Valet Parking, it means cars are transported via robotic dollies, which transfer them to small cubby spaces in the garage’s storage vault—no humans required. To start, “drivers will pull their cars into an entry room, where plasma screens, mirrors and laser scanners help direct the vehicle into the correct position. After that, light sensors and cameras will record the car’s dimensions before it’s lowered into a tightly designed parking vault. And when you want your ride back? A series of automated hoists will return it from the bay and return it to you in perfect shape. A good example is car park operators Singapore.


Green parking – Of course, parking innovations that cut down on emissions are already doing the planet a favor. But cities are trying out further green methods to combine parking spaces with improved air quality. One genius way to do both? Solar canopies. Turns out, when you construct a series of solar panels above a parking lot, you open all kinds of possibilities, like the ability to charge electric cars on the spot, generate energy, and cut down on the “urban heat effect” generated by miles of blistering tarmac. You’re looking at a whole new way to park.


New mobility services and technologies affect parking management in various ways. New telecommunications systems, such as integrated navigation and parking apps, electronic cards and RFID payment systems tend to increase the convenience and efficiency of parking and transportation demand management. The future of parking is bright. It will lead to more empowered drivers, better use of parking space and resources. No matter who does the parking.

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